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Sintetics Digital SD024 October 10, 2016

Sintetics continues on the path to focus on the purest techno and continues to sign artists who are pioneering an original sound in the genre. Barcelona-based, French techno producer Eric Fetcher is definitely one of those artists with his finger on the pulse. His productions are characterised by building his sound on analogue machines, influenced by the Detroit style. The sound is unique, with a special touch and recognised as such in the wider Techno world. Eric’s debut e.p for Sintetics is a 4 tracker that will not disappoint. The title and first track Direction emits a raw, direct pace with TR 909 & TR 808 drum machines, dry bass lines and atmospheric sequenced pads weaved into the background. The second track Exp1 is forged on a more broken rhythm over a very murky, dark-melodic background sound. Next up is Timing which is a much more eclectic offering, patterned by stylish transitions. The French producer’s debut closes with Station which is an ambient production normally associated with intros, but serves better as an outro.