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Sintetics Digital SD023 July 13, 2016

The Sintetics family welcomes Audiolux with his debut e.p.. This release really reveals his studio-character and utilizes outboard machines and hardwear that will work well live on stage in a DJ session.Fresh off the back of the launch of his new label, Speak Silence, he presents a three track offering featuring 3 cuts portraying his own rugged underground Techno.The title track “Sloth” has a low precision kick thumping away under a mental array of groovy layers. “Mute”, the second cut is the most experimental of this e.p. The characteristic synth sounds are fresh and blend with a more open top-end percussive element.”Errantknight” closes the EP with an epic touch and an arrangement that progresses another frenetic high-end, perfectly describing the space between the notes. It is a pleasure to welcome to our family home, Javier Caballero – better known as Audiolux – an emerging talent from the Barcelona underground.