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Sintetics Digital SD025 March 10, 2017

  • A1


  • B1


  • A1 (Polygon Remix)


Sintetics Digital celebrates its first release in 2017, and for the label’s 25th offering, we have another promising artist debut. Visions’ is a stunning 2 track recording by Avox25 from Barcelona, featuring 2 original productions and includes a remix by Polygon, a longtime Sintetics favourite. The first track “A1” presents an unabridged, industrial techno arrangement, underpinning a raw trance-inspired melody. “B1” is a slow and deeper piece which creates a solid and powerful soundscape for any warm up environment. Polygon’s remix of A1 adds another element to the original, blending random sounds in the breakdowns, fused with his hallmark bass sound that we are accustomed to and love.