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Rush (Original Mix)


Sintetics Digital SD021 July 22, 2015

Sintetics Digital is very honoured to welcome one of Spain’s most renowned Techno producers for its 21st release. Tony Verdi presents RUSH, a 3 track single including a remix of the title track by the label’s founder, Javi Lago. Tony has always been a pioneer of the Spanish Techno scene ever since his first residency at the Verdi Club Barcelona way back in the eighties where his shows comprised of spinning Techno, rock, electro combined with live elements with real instruments. He was one of the first performers at the infamous Monegros Festival, was a resident at Florida 135 and has produced a multitude of award winning tracks. As one page closes, another one opens. This single signals a new direction by Tony, who is based at his studio in the Gothic quarter, deep in the centre of Barcelona. The title track Rush is a vocal driven, uplifting tech house groover and is perfect for any dance floor. The Body, a deep melodic Techno affair doesn’t fail to disappoint either, as the groove builds and draws you in to a funky hypnotic journey. The Javi Lago remix of Rush builds and builds with Javi’s signature Techno sound layered on top of the atmospherics of the original. There is also a new direction in our cover artwork too, that pays homage to another great Toni, the architect Gaudi who will inspire our futuristic graphic design on forthcoming releases. We look forward to also promote future music from emerging talent with label debuts by Traumhaft, Eric Fetcher or Alex Martin in the hopper for 2015 and beyond. Taking the label on a more seasoned and darker techno trip.