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Coloured Fields (Original Mix)

End Of The Cycle

Sintetics Digital SD020 October 16, 2014

It is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new stage. We present the longest release up to now, the work of 18 artists following the philosophy of the label until today. In these 20 releases, the aim has been to show different aspects of techno, sometimes minimal, sometimes deep and closer to the other remaining in a more contemporary techno. We want to celebrate the end of this stage with a complete delivery of different styles, continuing with the idea of showing new talents and also consolidated producers of the sound of Barcelona. Tracks introduced by our usual label producers such as Ivan Komlinovic, Polygon, Aurora Crew, Artur Nikolaev, Isaak Grau, Alex Pessa, Oscar Gonzalez and Javi Lago. This Sintetics 20 includes the debut of up to 10 new artists such as Tony Verdi, Panik Key, Spear, Oscar Palacios, Loopfresh, Elek-Fun, Unexpected Role, Groovycosta, Antar and Melchor Onca. The label writes his first page coming to this Sintetics 20. Showing multiple genres and leaving a legacy of varied proposals made by Spanish talents and also international artists which had presented their EP or collaborated with their remixes as Devilfish, Ludovic Vendi, DJinxx or MRI. New start is coming where the label will be focused on creating tools for the dance floor, keeping the soul of hypnotic techno and underground that always has been characteristic on Sintetics. We are introducing “End of a Cycle” with “Coloured Fields” a track from the Serbian producer Ivan Komlinovic that combines a danceable rhythm with deep sonority influences on Acid bass lines and other synth sounds. His male voice just puts you inside this deep track closer to modern Techno-Trance. Polygon, one of the brains of Sintetics team and one of the most prolific producers on the label presents with “Operant Conditioning” the type of underground Techno, spontaneous and direct that the label will be offering in the new stage. Hypnotic and dark breakdowns far away from the market standard and at the same time effective cuts for any set. Aurora Crew has a distinct sound. This is a fine audio processing as anyone. Sharpness and elegance have always gone hand to hand in the production of these artists.”Made Us Smile” is an exquisite blend and as usual for them is a melodic journey with minimal precise bases. An arrangement with keyboard sounds full of life with impeccable harmony as usual in the Catalan duo. If someone has the cheek in making underground minimal quality this is Isaak Grau. In the last 17 Sintetics signed by the Girona producer showed that you can still find quality minimal, with soul and intention. Darkness and hypnosis from start to finish in this journey called “Green Eyes”. We found the Spear’s first debut in the label with this “She’s Dead” the most buzzing track of the whole launch. Industrial doses in another cut that gets inside the body for any lover of the purest Techno. One of the most important artists for the future of this label is the Russian Artur Nikolaev. With 22 years old has become one of the emerging talents of Sintetics. Reset Soul is a deep track realized with few tracks but obtains a compact and effective result, as we are used to see in tracks of this young producer. A subtle and refined male voices with good bass sounds built this great track. Tony Verdi, pioneer of Techno in Spain, produces the coolest track of this Sintetics 20.Rush is the sample of his defined sound and full of music. The track carry you to heaven. It is a pleasure for us to present the debut of a legendary producer. More surprises for this release is the debut of Polygon and Javi Lago together. After several collaborations for Sintetics and other labels like Symbolik, Pong Musiq or DiD Records the debut arrives under the formation Panik Key that will be in future Sintetics releases. The track Wonk defines the aim of this formation that is to explore other kind of more peculiars and strange sounds and to take them to Dance Floor. The arrangement has less predictable stops and weird rolls. The Tarragona producer Unexpected Role has signed his first track with us in the Sintetics 1. At the time it was with another alias and destiny has come to introduce another track at this end of cycle. “Remaining Thoughts About Mar Bella” has it all. It has much resolution is sharp and powerful. The track accelerates in maintaining a progressive line but does it with great subtlety. It has good changes concerning the rhythm in the arrangement with quality stops. Alex Pessa presented a very interesting Sintetics 3 and after all this time it is a please to offer another minimal delicatessen track brand of house. How is it is faith to his style. Lines of Shuffle provide a great set combined with classical minimal sequences and all little details that add in his productions, which defined his own style. You & Me is the track that includes the founder of Sintetics Javi Lago. It is a slower minimal- techno with fewer elements. The stops are more atmospherics. One of the relevant talents in the techno scene in Barcelona is Oscar Palacios. His tracks have already seen the light on major labels and this track Bad Times is his debut in Sintetics. A forceful cut with full of darkness sequences along the piece. The following track Dark Station is signed by Groovycosta, that we give the welcome to the family. An arrangement with bass lines with an acid light as a principal item. With an old school treatment, pure drums 808 and 909 and classis claps that leave the signs of identity of this Barcelona produces in this debut in the label. After appearing in the Sintetics 5 arrives the debut in solitary of Oscar Gonzalez with his cut “Lime”. Cuts with Dub character, typical of this producer. Soft beats and deep sequences that captivate you. “Groofloor” is the Artur Nikolaev’s second cut in the release. Slower and also as the previous cut of Oscar, a Dub influence in all the elements. A solid rhythm and deep sounds immerse you inside the track. The debut of “Loopfresh” is a hard cut with few elements based on short and explosive stops. Built with a funk bass line to the dark style and minimal sequence predominates during the arrangement. One of the most effective cuts for the dance floor is the first appearance of Melchor Onca with this track Liquid Sky Nights. Energetic techno with a powerful bass, a useful tool for a convincing set. The Barcelona producer based in London Elek-Fun performed his debut with My Ewok and I”. Powerful sound as usual in him and melodies rose to tone up any dance floor. Nice debut of Antar on Sintetics with a minimal influences on his track “Synapsis”. Basic Rhythm with great bassline becomes a usefull DJ tool for any set. The second cut of Panik Key Jackpot is less mad than the previous one but show sequences and peculiar effects. A well-processed sound and an arrangement with the fingerprint of Sintetics. And with this piece we leave this legacy of 20 releases with EP’s of all the styles, tastes and colours. It has been in charge of great electronic talents and collaborations with international artists. We take this opportunity to thank them all for their original creations and remixes from the first issue until this end of the cycle. For the next release, Sintetics will become a tool that will be focused on providing quality techno grooves. We will support the agreement in spite of offering something personal far from the canons of the market. Our goal will be to show, dance, feel and especially share with all lovers of electronic good music, one more hypnotic side of techno. We will see you in Sintetics new stage to begin another cycle together.