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New Lady (Original Mix)

New Lady

Sintetics Digital SD018 November 30, 2013

  • New Lady (Original Mix)

  • First Door (Original Mix)

  • SD18-2 Artur Nikolaev - Inside (Original Mix)

  • New Lady (Polygon Remix)

In this release we introduce you the youngest artist to debut in our label. His name is Artur Nikolaev and he is a Russian producer installed in Barcelona. This city has inspired him to produce techno, house and minimal. He first started with Cloning Sound, Climax Label, Subwoofer and Konstrukt. He uses precise percussions and well processed sounds that transform into sweet records with punch. This is the case of “New Lady” the opening song for this interesting EP. “Inside” has been produce following the philosophy of minus is more. A deeper sound drives you through a hypnotic path along the song. The rhythm has refills of percussion, and a dark male voice is the perfect element to end this second cut. Maybe “First Door” is the cut more techno of the release. It is cruder and much more rough record even a bit organic and industrial, very effective DJ Tool for any set. The bonus track comes from the hand of Polygon in this 18th release. As one of the leaders of the label he shows his distinct signature in the remix of “New Lady”. Perfect sound and well defined, a fix full of freak sequences that became another mental hit very catchy. A danceable track for start to end. Welcoming Artur Nikolaev to the family we keep exploring the nocks of the underground techno to keep going with this adventure day after day.