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Gravity (Original Mix)


Sintetics Digital SD017 August 29, 2013

  • Gravity (Original Mix)

    Isaak Grau

  • Headpick (Original Mix)

    Isaak Grau

  • Krunch (Original Mix)

    Isaak Grau

For its 17th release, Sintetics is building on a more melodic and minimal platform whilst retaining its techno soul, with a warm welcome to Isaak Grau with his EP. Gravity is personal and punchy 3 track EP for his Sintetics debut. The EP is delightful and enigmatic underground music. Kicking off with the first track Gravity, combines male vocal samples and elegant percussion. The second track, Headpick, is on more of a tribal vibe, building up to a funky finale packed full of accented sounds and harmonies. Last, is a more dubby track called Krunch, truly showing why less is more, finishing the pack perfectly. We are proud to offer 3 minimal good tools and happy to welcome the cool Catalan programmer to the Sintetics Family . Isaak Grau is from Barcelona and is a founding member of Arkitextura Electronic Music, a label created in 2003 by a group of friends with a like-minded passion and love for electronic music. After releasing 2 EPs; Ambulatory & Sistemik, he signed tracks to Theremin Records, 080 Records and some minimal mixes in labels like Bavaria Recordings and Munchen. Feedback: Anderson noise – Nice release, full support! Marco Carola – Download For Marco Carola. Will try, thanks. Someone Else – Will try, thanks. Tim Baker – Thanks, will play for sure! Man-L – Krunch! the best track of the release , really cool. Wow, I love it! Tony Verdi – Downloading for Tony Verdi. Thx!!!. Thanks, will play for sure! Nima Gorji – Thanks for the music! Downloading for Nima Gorji.. Will try, thanks. Ivan Komlinovic – Thanks for the music. Nice release, full support!