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Nemesis (Original Mix Master)


Sintetics Digital SD033 September 24, 2018

  • Nemesis (Original Mix Master)


  • Starscream (Original Mix Master)


Cyklos, the alias of Catalan producer Javier Sanchez, is very well-known on the Barcelona techno scene, especially with his kick drum patterns, sitting either side the traditional 4×4 beat. He never disappoints, and as expected, his debut for Sintetics delivers 2 productions that resonate to this particular percussive footprint. “Nemesis” is a journey with a mixture of experimental sounds, nudging industrial touches and underpinned by the aforementioned broken rhythm. “Starscream” is an atmospheric track with less distortion than the first and is committed to a purer and cleaner sound. A good contrast and compliment to close this tight 2 track release.