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Natural Selection 1.0

Natural Selection

Sintetics Digital SD027 June 27, 2017

  • Natural Selection 1.0


  • Natural Selection 2.0


  • Natural Selection 1.0 (Javi Lago Remix)


We are back with Natural Selection, the T-DOK’s debut EP in our label. We welcome with open arms the Barcelona-born producer, with a solid straightforward techno and clear ideas. The first original Natural Selection 1.0 keeps the tension all through the arrangement. An hypnotic sequence leads the track alongside frenetic percussions as if it was some kind of military techno. Natural Selection 2.0 has industrial sounds combined with basic sine waves which define the track as mental one. A remix by Javi Lago of Natural Selection 1.0 completes the release; a minimal one with a dry view of the first original.