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Monotine (Original Mix)


Sintetics Digital SD035 July 8, 2019

  • Monotine (Original Mix)


  • Slapps (Original Mix)


  • FX Reaktor (Original Mix)

The city of Salamanca, close to Madrid, is an epicentre of techno music and plays a very important part in the history of the Spanish techno scene. Holding residencies in the legendary clubs of the city and one of the most influential artist of the area is undoubtedly Tintin.

Keeping true to his roots and making tracks with his beloved hardware instruments, Tintin provides us with 3 tracks for his debut release on Sintetics, with his “Monotine” EP. The first track “Monotine” is a solid piece of techno production, a crisp and clean production sound combined with swelling atmospheric sounds.“Slapps” has a similar style to ”Monotine” but with a more organic feel mixed with subtle industrial snippets to keep things flowing.“Fx Reaktor” finishes the EP with a full on FX and atmospheric work out, which perfectly defines the Tintin sound.