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Sintetics Digital SD034 April 19, 2019

An EP capturing some seminal moments, Sintetics’ next instalment “Dwarf Planets” sees the label’s two main producers together at the desk making the most insolent, freakiest, funked-up sounds. Let’s just say that the search for electronic purity and pushing the genre’s standards are not high on the priority list when they meet in the studio. However, the output is a tetrad of precision tools for defining moments in any DJ set. The first piece “Eris” is seriously pumping and has an incisive sound driving the track. “Haumea” is the most percussive of the four, whipping up a rugged, hard pitch, presenting killer sub bass and industrial sounds combined with eerie breakdowns. “MakeMake” is the most repetitive and gratifying, so for those that like it, it drives them crazy. Last, but least, ”Ceres” closes the label’s 34th with a minimal monster, perhaps preferred more for set openings.