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Salzmond (Original Mix)


Sintetics Digital SD002 March 16, 2009

Here comes the second Sintetics Digital release with 4 tracks with nordic air. We must emphasize in this second Ep “Decompressed” the colaboration of the germans Holgi Star and Holger Flinsch (Rompecabeza, kidazz FM, Tora Tora, Microfon) distinguished producers of the german and international scene with their track “salzmond”. To complete the tracklist, Ciclofans with “Red Wine”, groovy 100%, and Javi Lago with “sin retorno”, hipnotic and powerfull techno trance. And Photomaton, made up of Polygon and Telefilme, with “Mimo” a track with dark tech-house character. REACTION FEEDBACKS LUDOVIC VENDI (Paradigma,Pong,minisketch) “I will play the cyclofan red wine , good tunes in generals :), Big support” MARIO DE MEYER (Piso records) “Sin Retorno sounds really cool!” DANNY GRAHAM (Tokio Recordings) “I really like ‘Red Wine’, big suport” JOHN DARE (Mulov,Minisketch) “FLINSCH&NIELSON – Salzmond is a fine production,.. big sounds…perfect for me” “JAVI LAGO – Sin Retorno by javi lago has its own personality , sound and production 10” “PHOTOMATON – Mimo . hug minimal is perfect for dance floor good roll…” john dare will play all decompressed ep tracks “Andre Buljat” (4line, bush rec, indigo raw) I really like the ep but specially red wine from ciclofans. I will play it! “RETRONOUVEAU” Another good Ep of the new Spanish Label Sintetics!! Great Tracks, good Groove and Techno Stuff, my 2 favorites tracks in this ep are the Flinsch & Nielson “Salzmond” and the Photomaton “mimo” Tracks, but all of them have good dark and groove minimal Techno Spirit!! “MAGI SEOANE” (Gummer Records) Good work! Red wine is cool and Sin Retorno is hypnotic.They are totally for me.