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Stretched Dub (Original Mix)

After Dub

Sintetics Digital SD014 July 27, 2012

Continuing with the research of new techno expressions, the debut of spanish artist Alex Brinken in Sintetics is arriving.This number 14 reference has a clear Dub influence, as so indicated by the name of its release. Includes two originals songs from this native producer from the Canary Islands plus a remix from a label regular one called Polygon. In the very first track of “Stretched Dub”, some voices with reggae airs are appearing. During the production, the keyboard and Pad sounds are the highlights which brings it into an atmospheric cut.The second origin cut “Dubby Dub” is produced at 120 bpm of tempo with a more deep connotation. Is all about a track with light sounds and a synthesizer as a main instrument which opens and closes in the breakdowns. It also has a fine line of bass which leads the track in an elegant manner. The Polygon remix has a very good fat sound bringing “stretched Dub” into a more groove ground with a more stressed rhythm and closer samples of minimal. With this 14th release, Sintetics aims to reveal other projects with new influences.